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-====== Sparrow Wireless Sensor ​Node ======+====== Sparrow Wireless Sensor ​Nodes ======
 {{:​logo_sparrow.png?​70 |}} {{:​logo_sparrow.png?​70 |}}
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 <​imgcaption diagram | Sparrow v4.1 Internal Diagram>​{{ :​sparrow.png?​600 |}}</​imgcaption>​ <​imgcaption diagram | Sparrow v4.1 Internal Diagram>​{{ :​sparrow.png?​600 |}}</​imgcaption>​
 +===== Sparrow v4.2 =====
 +This Sparrow board variant does not include any sensor, but it is size and pin-compatible with the Arduino Micro format. Also, it can run out of a single 1.5V AA battery or a single 1.2V AA NiCD or NiMH rechargeable battery. The board has a charging circuit that can deliver a steady charging voltage from a renewable power source, such as a solar panel.
 +<​imgcaption diagram2 | Sparrow v4.2 Pinout Diagram>​{{ :​sparrowv42.png?​800 |}}</​imgcaption>​