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Line 222: Line 222:
 def act1_callback(payload):​ def act1_callback(payload):​
 +    global red
     print ACT1.state     print ACT1.state
     red = str(ACT1.state)     red = str(ACT1.state)
 def act2_callback(payload):​ def act2_callback(payload):​
 +    global green
     print ACT2.state     print ACT2.state
     green = str(ACT2.state)     green = str(ACT2.state)
     ​     ​
 def act3_callback(payload):​ def act3_callback(payload):​
 +    global blue
     print ACT3.state     print ACT3.state
     blue = str(ACT3.state)     blue = str(ACT3.state)